Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Still the King! So what if he's left the building? The Big E lives on...

I'm going to celebrate tonight by going to hear some Delta blues and eat what passes for Southern food in Seattle. We'll just see about that. 

After living in Memphis for several years, I hear plenty of stories about Elvis. He loved meatloaf, ate it every day for a long stretch. I ate fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches at the Graceland diner. Did a story on the cookbook based on his favorite recipes. But nowhere did I find a reference to what might have been his birthday cake flavor of choice. 

I'm going to guess it was a sock-it-to-me cake. Mmmm.

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Fred Deaton said...

Well, as a native Memphian/West Tennessean, I can still remember seeing the limo in the early 70's parked behind late lamented the Dunkin Doughnuts just down from Graceland. I can still see Vernon Presley eating at Picadilly just down the street. I can remember riding my bike as a grade schooler around the circle drive in the early 1960's. A great article on the celebration on the WMC web site:

Sadly, We all missed Fr Mike's Elvis Mass at St Paul Church.