Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's the spirit!

So tempted to make the inauguaration celebration party at Tini Bigs and Hula Hula, where you can order a $5 Obama-tini and take a turn at the "Throw the Shoe at Bush" competition.

According to the news release: "Shoes will be provided by Tini Bigs and Hula Hula."

First order of business one week from today, though, is brunch at Tom Douglas's Palace Ballroom. The restaurant titan has commissioned 10 poems from his daughter Loretta's class of 2008. Can't wait to hear that slam!

Totally random aside: I was in Top Pot Doughnuts on Saturday and guess who was standing in line behind me? Yup, one of Seattle's finest. I thought about making a joke, but kept my mouth shut.

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