Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my favorite spy! Julia Child

August 15 is the French Chef's birthday, and news just broke that she was part of the OSS during WWII. Oh, how I wish she could have included those stories in some of her books.

Have you read "My Life in France" yet? It's so darned entertaining. I actually listened to the book on CD during a road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains a couple of years ago. The whole family got a big charge out of Julia discovering her calling and her endearingly goofy phrases.

I got to meet this legendary cooking icon and she was so warm, so engaging. She had the gift of natural curiousity and conversation. Maybe that's why she was chosen to be a spy!

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Curt said...

I thought Julia mentioned in her memoir that she worked for OSS. I know that fact has been out for a while. I guess the big revelation here is exactly what her role was.

Her memoir about life in France is wonderful! I want to go! Vive la France!