Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please don't kill yourself Bethany Jean

I'm a big fan of sassy Stranger Bethany Jean Clement, who recently wrote about the hunt for high-end cheap eats, mentioning a story I wrote in July, saying if she had to follow my suggestions, she'd rather stay home and kill herself.  Hmmm. Just a teensy bit dramatic, doncha think?

Anyhoo, BJC writes about the incredible $50 deal at Corson Building, Matt Dillion's new place in Georgetown. It's offered occasionally on Sundays. It's not as much food as the regular sit-downs, but you won't go away hungry, she promised.


That's not what I've heard. And I'm talking about the regular deal, not the leaner Sunday dinner. Am going to sneak in there soon. Have you been yet? What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening!  

And in what alternative universe is $50 considered "cheap", especially when you add tax, tip, a glass of wine, make that two or three glasses of wine. OK, that "cheap" dinner is now $100.

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Randal Cooper said...

I blame Rachael Ray for setting the "Cheap Eats" bar so high. Although only two types of women go by the name "Bethany Jean" and one of them lives in a trailer park, so I assume the one who will kill herself rather than eat a barbecue sandwich is the other type.