Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks brother!

My Maui-bronzed bro Chris was in town last week and took me out, even picked up the tab. Feeding the beast of a weekly review schedule, it's so rare that I am out for a meal just for fun, and it reminded me how much I love it when someone else is treating. (Hint, hint.)

We had drinks and apps at Betty, then dinner at Crow. He was blown away by how cheap everything was, especially the fine food at Tamarind Tree. (Though, ever the critic, I've got to say it's time for that restaurant to replace its tattered menus!)

In just a few weeks, I'll return the favor when I visit him in Hawaii. Spending my birthday on the beach this year! Anyone have island-style dining recommendations? Mahalo for sharing! 

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info said...

We, your brothers, were wondering where the thread is in regards to our recent blind wine taste test were. Best wishes...and so much love!

-The "Irish-Pasty-White" brother & The "Maui-Bronzed" brother-