Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enough already with the Recession Specials!

I am so fed up with the current marketing blitz: 

Prices that won't break the bank!


A $30 dinner ain't no real meal deal. Diners are not going to be enticed out by discounts like these. How about throwing out some real bargains? And, please, don't remind us that you're doing it because we're on a sinking ship.

I don't know about everybody else, but going out to dinner is a pleasant escape. I don't want to be hit over the head with recession specials!! 

UPDATE: OK, after the comments, let me clarify. It just bugs me to see restaurants using the recession as a marketing gimmick without offering any true bargains. My e-mail inbox is OD-ing on subject lines that hawk recession specials. 

When my expense account dries up and blows away, I'll still go out. It's not just my job, but my hobby. And I'll go to a place that offers a good deal that's not tied to the economic downturn. Like Machaivelli, where I went with my accountant to celebrate getting my taxes done early, and got a veal piccata for under $20.


Randal Cooper said...

Yeah! Stop saving us money!

frank3 said...

"Real bargains"? Can you give us some examples?
We love "to be hit over the head with recession specials" and we hope to see more and more of them!
I guess the difference between us is that I have to pay for my meals while the PI is (still) paying for yours.

Fred Deaton said...

I went to Logans Roadhouse last night (Tuesday) for their 13.99 dinners for two. I know this chain is not in Washington State, but it is in a lot of other states.

The place was packed as if it was Friday Night.

Out of the selection of 13 entrees, I had the BBQ grilled southwest chicken with two sides (salad & Baked potato) and my wife had the fried catfish with two sides (SLaw & Baked potato). Normally a similar regular priced item would be in the neighborhod of between $24 and $30!

I had breakfast at McDonalds this morning and ate the free sample new menu item. The cost was only what I chose to buy, my 1.00 sweet tea.

Yesterday, I went to Denny's and got the free grand slam offered on Feb 3rd. I was required to buy a drink.

Many restaurants offer early bird specials for the slower 4-6 times.

The best way to save is to split a meal. It does sound a little uncouth, but most measls serve more than a regular portion. My wife and I order a 12oz steak and two sides. We Split the steak and select as sides two baked potatoes (one each). The only effort is for the server to bring an extra plate. I usually give a little extra tip for the effort of bringing an extra plate.

Another better way to save is to order takeout and avoid the tip costs. This is even cheaper than the suggestion above, because cokes and tea and water is much cheaper at home.