Monday, February 23, 2009

Possible scoop!

Just saw that Hurley LLC is applying to reactivate the liquor license at the now-shuttered Coupage, renaming the restaurant Nam Thai Cuisine.

Anybody else seen anything stirring at this place in Madrona?

I have fond memories of Coupage when Rachel Yang and her husband were in the kitchen, when the place first debuted and was packed, maitre'd extraordinaire Tewfik graciously greeting the crowds. It was the very first review I wrote for the Seattle P-I, nearly two years ago to this very day. 

I'm still in denial that it's going to all go away. My dream gig, that is. But even if/when that happens, I'm not going to quit eating. No sir/ma'am! My first post-professional meal just might be at Nam Thai Cuisine.

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