Monday, February 9, 2009

Opal's back, plus random rants

Opal on Queen Anne has rebranded as Opal Bistro and has a wildly eclectic menu.

The restaurant's former chef Andy Leonard is now in the kitchen at Wilde Rover Irish Pub and Restaurant in Kirkland, where the menu focuses on entrees around or under the $20 range. Was surprised to see a "fresh salmon", which is obviously farm-raised appear on the lineup. Boo! Hiss!

Ate at Monsoon East for lunch recently. In fact, it was the day the announcement came that hot shot chef Johnny Zhu is in the kitchen and I've gotta say I was less than wowed by the meal I had. First, the server brought me the veggie salad roll when I ordered the shrimp. Then, on the combo bun (or, as they called it on the menu, vermacelli noodles), the kitchen neglected to include the egg roll. When I pointed it out, the server quickly brought me a roll, and then proceeded to avoid making eye contact the rest of the meal. WHAAAAA? 

Also got ticked off when I tried to go to Seastar for dinner last night. I had called and left a message on the voicemail asking the hours. Somebody called back and said they were open daily for dinner, weekdays for lunch. But when I showed up, there was a private party going on. Don't you think you'd mention that in the message? 

Ended up driving to Cap Hill, hoping Ethan Stowell's place, Anchovies & Olives had opened. No! Ended up at a pub in Magnolia (it's a long story), which was pretty darned good, but so far away from my original intention. It reminded me, for the 2,403 time to call ahead to make sure a place is open! (Thought I had that covered.)

Last little gripe for Monday morning: Why do Irish pubs play lame-o '70s music? It's not that I wanna hear Danny Boy, but ABBA? Please! Then, the voice of reason (aka, my better half) reminds me: "We heard this kind of music when we were in pubs in Ireland, remember?"

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