Monday, February 2, 2009

Spectacular lunch at Salumi

Baby Girl and I had a couple of fantastic sandwiches at Salumi last week, which wasn't surprising, as it's one of the few places that not only lives up to its considerable hype, but often exceeds expectations. 

So, as much as I liked the sandwiches, I was floored by a dish that should come with a warning label: Caution! Addictive!! I can't remember its official name, but I'm going to call this occasional special Irish-meets-Italian scalloped potatoes: slices of spuds soaking up heavy cream, bits of pancetta adding salty goodness. Yum!

I hadn't been to this Pioneer Square hot spot -- yes, the lines are still out the door -- since I met Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus for a Grand Salami last summer, but I'm taking a vow not to wait so long before my next meal there. 

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