Sunday, January 4, 2009

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This week's review is of Preservation Kitchen in Bothell, which, no, has no connection to New Orleans, even though you wouldn't be alone guessing that, especially since the logo features a Fleur de Lys, symbol of the Crescent City. (I'm talkin 'bout New Awlins, Ya'll!)

Can you guess what the dish is, pictured above? Bet you cannot because it's pretty darned novel: goat cheese fritters in a honey-lavendar "soup". Sweet or savory or all of the above? Definitely one of the most original creations I've had in a while.

The beautiful venue is located in the spot that was once home to Gerard's Relais de Lyon. Here's your pre-review tip: Get in there! Tout suite!

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Randal Cooper said...

Fifty years from now, that will be in whatever the future's version of The Diary of Regrettable Food is.