Monday, May 4, 2009

Big, big fun in NYC

There were 1,000 people at Chef's Night Out at Vermillion in Midtown, which was a swank setting but the food was lousy. Well, except for the panni puri outside.

Here's who I high-fived, hand-shaked, hugged, roughly in order of appearance: Bill Smith, Calvin Trillin, Francis Lam, John Besh, Scott Barton and his lovely lady, Michelle, Bill Smith, Carol Puckett, Lee Anne Gault, Karen Carrier, Martha Foose. Also spotted across the crowded room: Jerry Tranfeld, Thierry Rautureau, Michael Bauer, Anne Burrell, Drew Nierpont, some curly-headed red-haired cutie pie I just know is in a band, but I cannot think of his name, and 900-some others.

Here's a little (shaky) video. Did I mention, the food was not so hot, but the cocktails were cool? I sipped blood orange juice with gin and Indian seasonings. Spicy!

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