Saturday, May 23, 2009

Next time you're in Cashmere...

Made a quick trip to Wenatchee Thursday and on the way back over the mountains, I called my Auntie Eileen and asked: "Where's the best old-fashioned bakery?" 

This is my dear aunt who used to hand us kids a wad of cash and her standard shopping list:

I loved going to her house to gorge on Twinkies and Ho Hos and Ding Dongs. She should have owned stock in Hostess.

Anyhoo, she sent me to Sure to Rise Bakery in Cashmere, where the cases were loaded with cookies, doughnuts (including a Big Foot, a sorta maple bar with chocolate frosting on the "toes"), butterhorns, cinnamon rolls as big as a hubcap and pies just out of the oven. Drat, they were out of strawberry-rhubarb, but the blackberry was beautiful and a steal at $7, plus change. Brought a whole pie home and was impressed by the flaky crust, the not-too-sweet, thick, but not too thick filling. 

Artisan bakeries are wonderful. I love them. But think there's also room enough for places doing it old-school. Like Nielsen's in Queen Anne. Where else? 


Lauren Edlund said...

Really? She didn't send you to Anjou? I love that place and it's the first thing I think of when someone mentions Cashmere.

leslie.dines at; 901-289-4020 said...

I went to Anjou on the way in and, honestly, was very disappointed in the $19 cherry pie.

The $7 pie at the other place was twice as good and less than half the price.