Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A toast! To some new venues

Ah, I never get tired of reading the liquor license permit applications. It's the best "sneak preview" of what's coming to a neighborhood near you.

In my stomping grounds, the former Veil is moving toward B and B restaurant. I peeked into the window the other day and they've taken the place down to the studs. So curious about what's going to take shape a block from Crow, where I happy hour-ed last week. Love the Meditteranean pupu platter. Not cheap at $8, but plenty for two.

Other new names popping onto the beer/wine/liquor license radar: Citizen (706 Taylor Ave. N.), Little Red Bistro at 400 Dexter and Bones Backyard BBQ at 1250 First Ave. S.

So happy to see new places opening in this punishing economy. Now, it's up to us to support these efforts. Even though my income has taken a huge hit, I still feed my need to dine. What about you? Still going out?

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Michael Natkin said...

Great tip to check the permit applications! I'm curious to see what they do to Veil... previously it felt as if you had entered an Bauhaus version of heaven.