Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a ham!!

Had lunch at Earth & Ocean today and was blown away by the house-cured ham made from Berkshire pigs raised by Mangalitsa maverick Heath Putnam of Wooly Pigs fame. (Profiled in a James Beard award-winning story by my friend Rebekah Denn.)

Can you see the marbling? It is so beautiful. Like every steak wants to be, but is not quite. The flavor's intense and delicate at the same time. The texture is an an exercise in that over-used adage: melt in your mouth. Liked the blueberries on top, but Northwest rhubarb maceated in sugar might have been even better. And the olive oil drizzle on top was overkill. The amazing ham stood on its own. It was some of the best damn ham I've ever eaten. Go. Get some.

Let's take a tour of chef Adam Stevenson's charcuterie. Click here.

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paul said...

did he say lard or lardo? lardo cured fat back lard the preparation he described