Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gone Fishin': Searching for the season's first catch

Got a cold shock this morning when I called Whole Foods to ask the price of Copper River salmon: $39.99 a pound for king, $29.99 for sockeye. Too rich for me!

I posted my chagrin on Twitter/Facebook (naturally) and instantly heard from a friend who pointed me to Ballard Market, which is running a sweet deal on troll caught Kings from SE Alaska: $14.99 a pound. The fish is gorgeous. I bought a couple of pounds and I'm contemplating just how I'm going to cook it: grilled with alder or seared and finished in the 275 degree oven (Jon Rowley-style).

What I'm completely clear about is the Washington asparagus on the side, on sale at Ballard Market for $1.59. 

What's your favorite way to prepare salmon?


Anonymous said...

I saw that 39.99 at Whole foods yesterday, we had Chicken breast and Bone-in Rib Eye on the grill at my house. Had we purchased the Copper River we would have gone directly to the grill of the Weber after it had been liberally coated with Tom Douglas's Salmon Rub. There would have been a few Hickory chips for smoke, a touch of butter and a squeeze of lemon at the end, to complement the medium rare King. Same sides, also on the grill, red pepper, asparagus and white corn. Cold Slim Chance to wash it down.

House of Z said...

40 bucks a pound? Wonder what that translates to for the fisherman? How about just throw it on the grill with nothing and let the taste come out...who needs the extra slosh?