Thursday, May 14, 2009


Are you tingling in anticipation of this weekend's fabulous Cheese Festival? Like Pavlov's mutt, my mouth starts to water just thinking about all the magnificent stuff to sample.

I'm going to get the party started early by slipping into the Cheese Cellar at 5 today for a special event featuring the spectacular wines from Willamette Valley's Penner-Ash paired with cheeses and an appearance by Tami Parr, the founder of the Pacific Northwest Cheese Project and author of "Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest: A Discovery Guide." Copies of this soon-to-be-released book will be on sale and the author will sign.

Lately, I've been especially obsessed with cheese. I cannot stop thinking about the Italian truffle cheese they use on one of the incredible pizzas at Serious Pie. I'm searching for a source. Any ideas? Maybe I'll score some tonight.

By the way, those adorable goats are from one of my all-time favorite cheese makers, Quillisascut, where I'm going this summer to take one of the amazing culinary courses in my quest to go from critic to cook. Anybody else enrolled?


Frank!!! said...

Re: Truffle Cheese.

Trader Joe's carries a nice italian truffle cheese.

Haven't had the one Serious Pie uses, and I'd like to imagine that they have some super secret cheese maker that Tom Douglas personally knows, but Trader Joe's stuff would get you there in the immediate future.

leslie.dines at; 901-289-4020 said...

Thanks Frank! I'm a big fan of TJ's...

The stuff at Pie is distributed by Merlino's, which, I think, owns half the city, right?

David Hinske said...

Any cheese made from goat is good according to my lovely and talented bride.

Jennifer said...

I went to Quillisascut in 2006 and it was fabulous. The experiences with Rick and Lora Lea will change your life and the way you think about food forever. Have a marvelous time!