Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craving (Devil's Food) Cake

Pity the poor layer cake!

Those darling cupcakes have stolen your spotlight, shoving the majestic layered beauties into the deep background. It seems as if it's practically impossible to find a piece of layer cake in restaurants around Seattle. Or am I missing something?

In honor of National Devil's Food Cake Day (May 19), I'm going to take a crack at making one. Why not? When I was younger and had a house full of siblings to help tackle a big batch of sweets, I'd make sheet cakes all the time. The sticky business of frosting a layer cake was vexing, though. It always turned out lumpy and bumpy.

But, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. I'll post a pic of my effort. Anybody care to share a failproof recipe?

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GlutenForPunishment said...

When did she come around? My 5-year-old -- who's delightful in every other way -- still subsists on PB&Js, cheese, candy, noodles and more cheese. It pains me since I love to cook so much ... At least he likes bread! I'm hoping he graduates to regular food soon!