Friday, January 4, 2008

Cambodian curry conundrum

Love Thai food! Adore it! My sister-in-law is Thai and she was here over the holidays, cooked some incredible meals for us. Thanks Ubon!

She and brah-in-law Dave and nephew James are currently living in Cambodia (former residents of Mozambique, Zambia, Atlanta, Albany, Carson City, and, yes, Tacoma... well traveled bunch those Nelsons).

They brought me some Cambodian spices, curry and chile powder, black peppercorns that smell unlike any I've come across. Sharp.

I'm experimenting, playing around to find the right way to use these unusual seasonings. I'm open to suggestions. This also makes me wonder: Why are so few Cambodian restaurants in a city so obviously enamored of Southeast Asian cuisine?

On the Thai food front, I'm so impressed by the elegant fare at May in Wallingford. Baby Girl loved the massaman curry, too. Best she's ever had. Why is this place always empty?? Go for lunch. It's cheap!

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