Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Testify! Loving this lentil soup...

Hours after reading Melissa Clark's chatty column in The New York Times, I made the recipe for the lentil soup she wrote about. The lemon! That's what made this humble legume stew pop. And it took no time to make.

Like Clark, I've been noodling around with lentil soup experiments for years, trying to duplicate the golden wonder I used to order at Niko's in Spokane. That was before I had a falling out with the owner, who took exception when I pointed out that he overcooked his lamb. Laith used to make me a special salad, off the menu. Sure miss that!

Oh well, that's the life of a food critic. Sometimes you piss people off. Did I ever mention the psycho chef who parked outside my house at midnight? Scary.

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Rondo Hatton said...

I remember that psycho-chef incident. What about the orchestrated letter campaign. I still refuse to eat at that restaurant. Solidarity between pals, don't you know.