Monday, January 21, 2008

Really liked Txori; Harvest Vine, not so much

I reviewed Txori in the Seattle P-I last week, and liked the Belltown tapas spot quite a bit. But I wasn't as impressed with its sister restaurant, which everyone and their brother gushes about.

Went to Harvest Vine last month after several unsuccessful attempts to get a table. The reservation policy is "leave your name and we'll call you back IF we can find room" kind of approach. I understand. The place is small. But there certainly seemed to be seats for the regulars.

This was definitely the kind of restaurant where it pays to be a regular. Somebody described it to me as "clubby" and, if you're not in, you might feel left out. I thought the food was fine, but it didn't blow me away. And, I've never paid $30-plus for tapas. (A whole fish, which I spied the next day at a market in the International District for $3 a pound.)

Made me wonder: How can two places run by the same people be so different? Maybe that's what makes the world go round, huh?

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