Thursday, January 31, 2008

Follow that Wiener!

Spotted the Wiener mobile on the streets of Seattle recently. Never mind that this city is rotten with fancy schmancy wheels, this rig has a huge rubbernecking factor.

Now, if I were going to drive a car shaped like a food, it wouldn't be a Wiener, and, no, we're not going to bring Freud into this entry.

I'd love to roam the streets in a fried chicken wagon or a lemon meringue pie pickup. I wouldn't mind puttering around in a car shaped like a pizza pie. Depending on the toppings of course!

What would your edible vehicle be?

Back on terra firma, I am dreaming of a new car, that $30K electric sports car that's coming out in a couple of years will just about do it for me.


Kristie said...

A car shaped like a spicy tuna hand roll would be my vehicle of choice. Or perhaps one which looks like a hefty slice of tiramisu.

Neil said...

Leslie, I am disappointed. No ribmobile?