Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey, can you please be quiet?

There is a good story in the LA Times Wednesday about noisy restaurants, which seems to be part of the business plan at most eating establishments. The din over din din helps creates a dining room's energy. The cacophony almost always drowns out the tunes on the sound system, reducing it to a thumping bass line.

Hushed quiet means a place is deadsville, right? Unless you want to have a conversation without shouting. What are the quietest dining rooms in Seattle? Does quiet mean boring?


Frank!!! said...

I think quiet restaurants just raise the potential for awkwardness.

A awkward silence is hardly noticeable in a room of cacaphony and noise.

No Sluggo Dave said...

Noisy is as noisy does.

Jamie R.S said...

frank...that's hilarious