Friday, February 22, 2008

Lemon-orange marmalade: Brilliant!

Friend Laura gifted me with some homemade lemon-orange marmalade and it is without question, the best thing I've spread on my morning toast in recent memory. The secret to this sticky sweet stuff not going bitter is that there's no pith, just the zest.

Laura is one of the smartest people I know; she spends her days in a lab at the University of Washington, doing scientificky stuff to bacteria and protein. Yet, I'm equally in awe of her commitment to canning. She has a pantry full of put-up fruit and promised to let me join in the process this summer.

Can't wait to try the sweet pickles she gave me. Reminds me of my thrifty Nana, who tried to pass on the canning craft to her grandkids, but it just didn't stick. Maybe this year I'll finally get my preserving groove on.

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