Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reuben, where are you??

The search goes on for a decent Reuben on the left coast. Had some high hopes for Mike's East Coast Sandwiches, but they nuked the pastrami, which turned it into a hot ball o' meat. Boo! Hiss!!

The sandwich actually was called an almost Reuben because it had mustard and Thousand Island. Yes, too much of a good thing. Even on the fabulous Macrina bread, it fell apart.

Surly servers didn't enhance this not-so-New York minute.

So, outside of chef Dave Hill's spectacular Reuben -- at Hill's Someplace Else in Spokane -- I've yet to find a sandwich in this part of the world worthy of that name.



brewstera said...

One of the best Reuben's in town can be found at the Pike Pub. I encourgage you to come try it. New Yorker's have said it's the best Reuben they've had outside of Cargnegie's, Stage or Katz's.

dr said...

while it's not super traditional, I do enjoy the reuben at Geraldine's counter, made with coleslaw instead of kraut, it's delish. also eat's market in w.seattle has one, i've found the corned beef to be great sometimes and not so great ohter times.

Erik said...

The Collins Pub, 2nd and James, does it RIGHT! Essential bakery Rye, Pastrami, Imported swiss, and chunky 1000 island(it's gotta be made in house), raise this sandwich to something... Heavenly. Ordered with a pint of IPA, Nothing's better!

Caché said...

The best Reuben on the west coast is the Pastrami Reuben at Kenny and Zuke's in Portland. The rye is made by their in-house bakery (whom they stole from a very popular bakery in P-town.) The pastrami is nicely fatty and absolutely sublime, covered with kraut and melted swiss. I also like their story--a guy was making his own pastrami and selling it at the local farmer's market, and then expanded it into a full-time business when it became wildly popular. It is the only sandwich I daydream about all the time.