Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring is here?

Sun-starved Seattle has been bathed in glorious rays the past few days. This shot's from a beach in West Seattle, one of my favorite places to bake.
Walked to the Pike Place Market today and it was mobbed. Still chilly, but everywhere there were guys and dolls in shorts and flip-flops. Kind of rushing into summer before it hits 70, but whatever.
The spot that was really hopping was Copacabana, not because the food's great, but because the outdoor deck was open. Containers filled with barely blooming daffodils added to the spring-y mood.
Me? Found a place in the sun and cooled off with some fat-free fro-yo from Shy Giant, near Fero's Meat Market.


mkinltown said...


Just wanted to say I love your blog, and especially love some of the recipes your bloggers have left, I'm sure to try them out.

Hope to be over soon. Much love.

Whining and Dining said...

My brother! Aren't you the sweetest!??

What's the latest dish in L'town? Still loving Dragonfly? Just thinking about Leavenworth puts me in the mood for some schnitzel!!

Whining and Dining said...
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mkinltown said...

We’ve actually been out a couple of times lately. Our favorite spot is The Alley Cafe. Just a quiet spot with fantastic food, great service, and a sizeable wine list. We need to go check in out next time you’re in town. So much love!

TK said...

People is Seattle seem to dress for sky color as much as temperature. When I first moved here, I found it curious that people would wear shorts when the temperature was in the forties. I guess a blue sky is a special occasion...