Friday, February 22, 2008

Tots are so hot right now!

OK, this might qualify as the zenith of my food writing career: I'm interviewed for an NPR story on Tater Tots. How cool is that?
Of course, this would be the one morning I didn't turn on my radio, but heard about it from somebody who heard it. It was a really fun story, found a link to it on the World Wide Web. Click above.
What makes this especially meaningful is my long history with the golden nuggets. When I pregnant, Tots were what I craved. An obvious comfort food. My mother wasn't much of a cook, our freezer stuffed with every TV dinner imaginable. Still, she made a great Tot.
Any warm and fuzzy Tot tales to share?


Lifesigns said...

That's awesome! Very cool

Randal Cooper said...

Rats. Now I want some Rocket Tots, which doesn't work when you've given up beer for lent.

Caché said...

When I was a poor college student, I made a huge pot of beef bourguinon to feed myself every Sunday night, and would try to stretch the pot all the way to Thursday. I always ate my bowl of stew with a huge plate of Tater tots. I still love them. I'm klassy like that.