Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bacon Salt shoutout!

Wrote an item in my (last? gulp... still dunno) dining column, ribbing Jon Stewart for mocking the fabulous Baconnaise, brought to us by the guys from Bacon Salt, Dave Lefkow and Justin Esch, pictured above on QVC. 

I first dipped into this spread when I made BLTs and BLATs for a couple of friends, who also happen to be former food critics. I made a couple different versions, a classic and a "fancy" rendition, the latter featured bacon from Bavarian Meats (best bacon in Seattle, no doubt, and they sell pastries made by the master baker whose creations I ate as a kid in Leavenworth... small world!), heirloom tomato (ripened on the kitchen window for days), curly endive and Baconnaise. A winner.

Brainstormed with Dave and Justin about the best way to use Baconnaise and included the list, which you can read by clicking on this link: Leslie's Last Dining Column in the Seattle P-I? Sniff, sniff! 

Actually, I don't think it's the last. I've already filed my column for next week, featuring Cantinetta, a sweet new spot in Fre-lingford. Here's your early heads-up: Get in there! Oh, and they don't take reservations unless you come with five others. 

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