Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some fan mail

My critical review of Canlis set off a firestorm, which is not unexpected. I also had people write to say I was brave. Click HERE to read the review and the comments.

I was only trying to be honest, yet point out the many fine qualities of this lovely restaurant. 

Here's one of the strangest e-mails I got, spelling mistakes and bad punctuation and all:

"i dont get it. that enire article about canlis is fabricated and untrue. how could you say all those false things that are complete lies. it almost makes me think that your entire palet is off, that you dont know anything about food, and you are a complete fake. explain yourself."

Hmmm. Now, how do I possibly answer that? 

Here's the deal. I got a call the night the review was posted from Mark Canlis and he was damn gracious, he said they will learn from it. That's exactly the point, and to give the potential customer a heads up about what they can expect. And, I am so happy they already have such a fiercely loyal fan base to throw flames at anybody who is critical. That's what a review should do.


Jay said...

Though I disagreed with your review as well, I'd like to think that we are all adults here. Except of course for those times we're intentionally reverting to a childlike sense of humor and/or wonder, also referred to as "the norm" in my household.

In the end I say "whatever" -- you'll keep writing and Chris will likely continue striving for constant improvement. Both worthwhile pursuits as far as I'm concerned.

John said...

I still question why you say the wine was served too cold. Cellar temp mid 50's to low 60's. Perhaps you could learn something as well at the fine folks at Canlis!!