Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Happy Hour from Hell

With The Stranger's Happy Hour guide in my bag and sporting a powerful thirst, I hit the bars with a couple buddies, trying to find some cheap drinks and inexpensive eats.

We got a late start, so had to skip downtown Seattle, where the happy hours end at 6. No prob, we'd go to the Market. 

First, Maximilien, where the "Bonsoir" at the front door is delivered in a true-blue French accent, which I love. But the bar was packed, so we quickly walked to Cafe Campagne, where we were told "sorry" yet again. They stop getting happy at 6, despite the hours listed said in the guide.

OK, what about Kell's? Same story. There was even an ad that says its happy hour runs daily from 5 to 7, but we were given the cold shoulder.

At this point, we were all starting to get pretty cranky. Let's check across Post Alley at the Pink Door? Boom. Happy hour's over. Even at Lowell's, which goes until 8, and the Athenian, the kitchen's were closed and they were only offering limited menus.

At 6:50, I remembered the new Thoa's, which used to be The Islander. We power-walked over there and slipped onto some barstools just in time for happy hour's last call. The beer was cold, the ahi poke salad was fantastic (and looked a lot like the pic above), the bartender was gracious. I took a peek at the menu, which looks like a mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Hawaiian. I would definitely come back for seconds.

In the meantime, with my dining budget slashed to shreds, I'm going to be hitting a whole lot more happy hours. Any suggestions? 


Curt said...

I'm thinking of checking out Serafina's happy hour next week, 4-6 p.m.

Pat Hirayama said...

The Southlake Grill (and presumably Eastlake and Green Lake as well) have nicely discounted food during happy hour. Harborside was good, too, the last time I was there, though, it did seem that they had raised the prices from the old days when the cheeseburger was $1.95.

Pat Hirayama said...

The happy hour at Wann is also pretty good -- and runs all night on Mondays. Sashimi sampler for $6. Various small bites -- I like the fire castle roll, kurobuta sausage and the fries as well.