Friday, March 20, 2009

High on Malbec

For years, I've been a Pinot Noir fanatic. Just love how something so approachable can also have such amazing complexity. Kinda like Beyonce. If I had a ton of money, I'd fill my rapidly dwindling "cellar" with Melville, Hitching Post, Calera and Sanford just to name a few.

But after taking a trip to Buenos Aires (that's me and Mr. Movies and More photographed in the Recoleta neighborhood), I developed a new appreciationg for Malbec, a grape best known for its supporting role in building up character in great Bordeaux. I love Malbec's slightly spicy quality, its heft. This ain't no lightweight.

Got a chance to try an outstanding Malbec, a 2007 reserve from Bodega Mi Terruno, a family-owned winery based in Mendoza that's just starting to make its way into the U.S. thanks to Elemental Importers, a new outfit based in Seattle (click here to see Elemental's portfolio) Restaurants should get on board with this affordable pour tout de suite!

Went to a tasting last night at The Capitol Club and that wine was, by far, my fave. And, at under $20, I can buy a case and throw a big steak cookout as soon as the weather gets nice. I've been begging Ryan and Ashley, the owners of Elemental, to bring in some Argentinean chimichurri in their next container. Anybody want to second that? 

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