Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I walked into McDonald's....

UPDATE: The poll results are in and I'm thinking not many Southerners voted because the "unsweet" tea came out on top. My pal Michael Donahue puts at least six packets of sugar in his glass if he can't get a sweet tea.

I have not been in Mickey D's in years. I honestly do not remember when I last sunk my teeth in a Big Mac. I once ate two in a row when I was in high school and made myself sick.

I just don't spend my money at chain restaurants. Does that make me a snob? 

But I have been tempted by the latest come on: Cheap sweet tea. It's brewed tea and, yes, you can actually get a wedge of lemon, but you have to ask. They also have unsweet. That's what tea without sugar is called in the land of sweet tea.

It's a help yourself set-up, and I did what I always do, pour myself mostly unsweet and top it off with a little sweet. Not half and half. Not a VIP (half tea, half lemonade, which is also known as an Arnold Palmer, or in Seattle, a Tiger Woods). 

And, you know what? It was pretty darned good. For half a second, I considered a Big Mac. But I just couldn't pull the trigger. Maybe as my fortunes wane, I'll be more into the dollar menu.

How do you drink your iced tea? Take the poll and I'll report the results.

Finally, congrats to Martha Foose on her well-deserved nomination for the fantastic "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea" on the nomination for a James Beard award. It's my fave cookbook from 2008, especially because I can hear Miss Martha's voice in the delicious stories she tells. Treat yourself to this book and we'll club up over a round of Mailbox Cocktails and a batch of Sold my Soul to the Devil-ed Eggs. Amen!

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Fred Deaton said...

Oh Leslie,

Here in the south we exist on Sweet Tea. Not just sweet, but Southern Sweet Tea. Here the Tea is brewed strong and super sweet. A real lemon wedge is a must to add flavor.

A new McDonald's opened up about 3 miles from our house and it is the ultimate. The specialty coffee they make puts Starbucks to shame. The restaurant has this huge semi automated coffee maker with an assembly line conveyor. It is quite impressive. The coffee smells great and turns heads at work.

Their tea at McDonald's is good. It is only 1.00 for a large refillable glass. I didn't know about the lemon. I will see if they have it.

I usually get the sausage burito in the morning and a grilled chicken wrap for lunch. Although I have fallen off the no red meat wagon and gotten their double cheeseburger too too often. Up until recently, I was doing real good avoiding red meat...well I have to start again.

My wife is addicted to their Filet-o-Fish sandwich. She cannot pass one up.

The Micky D's french fries are the best anywhere. There is a trick that I was told about and tried. Some locations will double fry french fries for you. It makes them crispier and even better (Well probably not healthier).

What I do like about Micky D's is that they do have some reduced priced items on a dollar menu. It helps on those tight budgets. The grilled chicken wrap (I mentioned earlier) is actually good. They have a honey mustard or ranch dressing for the wrap. they have some fruit and yogurt side items. In short there are healthy options to choose.

With coffee and non burger items its not your mom's Micky D's anymore. anymore