Monday, March 16, 2009

My last suppers

I got one final assignment last week, just in case there was a paper on Friday. Not to be.

But I got busy, getting into a couple of places I'd been dying to try and hitting a few faves before the old expense account was slammed shut for good.

I really enjoyed Crush, despite the crushing din of a boisterous birthday party. (Hey big mouth b-day girl: Get a room!) Seriously, it was fun to watch the festivities while enjoying the spectacular food. Especially impressed by the stinging nettles finish on a seared scallops dish. Dang, where's my camera!

Also liked Tilth, though the dish I was hoping to try was MIA. Still, the albacore tuna from FV St. Jude was really special, cooked like a piece of ahi, served rare with avocado and grapefruit.

Had stellar lunches at Cafe Presse and Boom Noodle, too. There are so many more places I wish I could have circled back and tried, restaurants I think are doing very good work. I will miss chronicling Seattle's greatest hits and the misses, too.

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