Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fruitful trip to the farmer's market

Went to the Columbia City Farmer's Market yesterday and was amazed at the incredible variety of produce. Especially at this stand that sported a dozen heirloom varieties, mix and match for $3 a pound.

The walkways were clogged with shoppers toting heavy bags, my load included potatoes from my favorite spud man, Olsen Farms, some of those dandy tomatoes (sliced up up and had them over pasta last night, with Gulf shrimp and fresh basil... $1 a bunch), chiogia beets (the striped ones), white peaches, a $5 bouquet, arugula, the biggest head of lettuce and cookies from Columbia City Bakery.

I didn't buy any berries because I'm going to go pick my own today, the blackberry bushes around here are heavy.

What's your best score at a summer market? How'd you cook it?


Fred Deaton said...

Well Leslie,

The dry summer here in the Southern hinterlands of America have hurt the produce, but we have -Luckily- found some great peaches and cream corn.

Peaches and cream corn (the name describes its color) is a super sweet variety of corn that grows in the southern climate.

The Ripley tomatoes grown 45 miles west of here were better than average, but smaller in many cases.

I bought some wild Gooseberry peas at a local market, and they were good, as well.

Whining and Dining said...

I'd say the Gooseberry peas are the obscure score of the week. Never heard of them. But then, I'd never heard of Ladypeas before moving to Memphis.
Thanks for the comment!