Friday, August 24, 2007

Neely's hang with Paula Deen

Seasoned BBQ restaurateurs Patrick and Gina Neely are two of the nicest people I met while living in Memphis, often volunteering their time and talent to make that community a better place. Pat made a deep impression with his efforts to encourage at-risk kids to get better grades, treating them to dinner and a Grizzlies game.
Anyway, the pair are going to party tonight on the Food Network, with the queen of Southern cuisine, Paula Deen. They're tackling that great debate: Barbecue or fried? I'm torn. I'm tuning in. It's on at 9 PST.
What's your current obsession on that delicious channel? I'm kinda crazy about Alton Brown's "Feasting on Asphalt", and was so sorry to miss the episode through the Mississippi Delta. Guess I will try to catch it on the reruns.