Thursday, August 9, 2007

If it's 10:30, that must be the taco truck outside

I've never worked at home before, this is a whole new experience. I'm trying to get my feng shui on, right? To set up a spot where the distractions are minimal.

And, then, because we live in construction zone central, the taco truck rolls up mid-morning, like some kind of grown-up ice cream truck. You know how I know this? Because it blasts a zippy version of the tune they play when the horses are entering the starting gate.

Tomorrow, I'm going to trot down and see what they've got. Expect some pics.

Anybody have some brilliant ideas about the best way to be productive in your home office?


neil_aird said...

Leslie, if you like a late breakfast, and they have one, try a breakfast burrito. I had my first in Colorado many years ago when the "roach coach" used to visit us every morning. Eggs, chorizo and peppers wrapped in a tortilla. Much better that what is served at McD's and Sonic.

No Sluggo Dave said...

I let insomnia be my guide between two and four a.m. The tv is blinkered, no meals to prepare or eat, no ringing phones, no urgent emails, and my little family snugged down into their dreamy dreams. Right around then, my own shaggy head shakes loose from what seemed like troubles the day before. That's painting time.