Thursday, August 9, 2007

Local Vine mighty fine

Just had a bite and a few sips at the newest wine bar in Belltown, billed as the coffeehouse of all wine bars. Whatever that means. I didn't see a laptop in the place, though the crowd was skewing a little older than the typical scene in that part of town.

The menu is paired with the wines, which are grouped under titles like "cheerful", "bombshell" and "statuesque". Va-va-va-voom?

I had a $21 glass of DeLille's 2005 Doyenne Metier Blanc. (Listed under "centered.") God, I would love to take a Frenchman here and see what he has to say about this goofy approach. It was lovely, but didn't exactly blow my mind.

The whole thing feels a little complicated. Like learning the rules to a new game. But I'm willing to try. It's got a warm, friendly vibe. And speaking of warm, the fireplace was lit. On an August night.

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