Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been Slogged!

After Wednesday's Dining Out column "The Bark Stops Here", I got a ton of fan mail supporting my pointing out that, ahem, it's against health code to bring animals into food service areas, inside and out.

Yesterday, The Stranger's wickedly funny Slog gave me an "Amen Sista!" and the floodgates opened, some 75 comments later, I got a huge kick out of the various asides and arguements that broke out. What does peanut allergies have to do with this discussion anyway?

There were some hilarious personal jabs, like, if they didn't allow dogs in restaurants, how would I get in? And, then, to the PR twit trying to pass himself off as a legit journalist, who suggested that my reviews don't reflect a world view: Let's compare passports, huh? In the past three years, I've eaten my way around New Orleans, New York, San Fran, Napa Valley, Chicago, Miami, LA, Atlanta, back to New York a couple of times, where I actually ate lunch with Gael Greene and Calvin Trillin, then to Taylor, Mississippi for the best catfish on the planet, to Buenos Aires, and Asheville, N.C., Nashville and, of course, dear, sweet, sassy Memphis. Where you been chump?


Cornichon said...

Gosh, Leslie, I haven't been called a legit journalist in years, back when I was at KING TV and Seattle Weekly. (I'll assume that "chump" was just a typo; technically, you'd be the chump if you're taken in by my online persona.) Passports? France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy ... all places that tolerate canines in caf├ęs.

Whining and Dining said...

Yeah, OK, chump might be a cheap shot, but what gives with all your cheap shots Ron? Can't we all just get along?

Randal Cooper said...

I recently read my first piece by Gael Greene, since the CA quoted her "review" of Justin Timberlake's place in NY. Clearly her writerly credentials come from something other than a working command of the English language. Okay, all the words were technically English, but she didn't quite put them together into things that resembled sentences.