Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tiki mon goes to Glacier

Every summer, hubby and his hardcore hiking buds go on some 60-mile trek, and Tiki Mon comes along for the ride.

He's filled with some serious high-end Scotch. I wish I could remember the name, but Scotch means squat to this Irish lass. On the trail, I much prefer Wild Turkey.

Anyway, this year Tiki Mon enjoyed the spectacular peaks and crystal clear waters of Glacier, the guys started on the Canadian side and worked their way south. And, no, didn't spot one single grizzly. Though, they were required to watch a cautionary video, and cook in groups.

The cooking part of the trip always fascinates me because the menus are based on what's light. Like instant mashed potatoes. Doesn't exactly stick to the ribs, does it?

If I were going out for six days and nights, I'm afraid I'd have to have a sherpa. I'd need some savory carrot at the end of a long day in the old (stinky) hiking boots. A big fat steak maybe. Or, seared duck breast with a demiglace. Forget those nasty dehydrated rice and beans.

What would be your dream meal in the outback? And what would you take to quench your powerful thirst? Gatorade or Power Aide?


Carole H said...

Tiki Mon is kinda cute, in a primitive sort of way. Maybe my taste buds for such things just aren't sophisticated enough. But I think Powerade & Gatorade taste pretty much alike. That's not counting the powdered Gatorade that you mix up yourself (yuck!) My favorite response to the pre-order question about Powerade the first time I tried a slush was at Sonic Drive-In. When I asked what flavor it was, the response I got was "blue." Maybe I'm the only adult who ever ordered one.

Ken said...

Gatorade is the nectar of the gods.