Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunch on Lake Union

Such a gorgeous day, going to try and burn it in my memory banks for those long, gray winter months. I was out running errands and wanted to grab something quick and eat someplace pretty.

The fish-and-chips window at Ivar's Salmon House has a special for about $10: alder-grilled salmon, rice, cornbread and slaw. Unfortunately, the fish was overcooked, but it still was pretty darned tasty. I made my own special sauce with tartar, Tabasco and a little lemon juice.

This is an amazing location, the cityscape looking like something from a movie at the other end of the lake. Come to think of it, I think the location for "Sleepless in Seattle" wasn't far from here.

Anyway, I e-mailed this image to my BBQ buddy in Memphis (because he's always rubbing it in when he's eating pulled pork at our favorite haunts and payback is double, right?), but he wasn't impressed. Bet he would be if I ever got him to get on a plane up here for a visit.

Not-so-random question: Salmon or catfish?


No Sluggo Dave said...

Gotta go with salmon - for me it is a legit substitute for steak, in a way that catfish never would be.

Oddly, the best fresh tuna steaks I've ever purchased at a grocery have been in Taos. Three minutes a side over charcoal with roasted tomatoes and fresh New Mexico provolone on the side. That's good eatin'.

Pat Hirayama said...

Salmon or catfish? Hmm ... if I want the crunch of deep fried, I'd go with catfish. Otherwise, salmon all the time. Especially at the sushi bar. :-)