Sunday, August 12, 2007

I like pie!

Got invited to a friend's family picnic, on the homestead deep in the heart of berry country in Burlington. Just down the road from Sedro Wooley. My pal's sister Francis made the pies, and I was first in line for the blackberry. It was insane!
I don't think I'll be invited back because I sat in the corner and made loud moaning sounds. Like this pie is better than sex!
I also made a detour to Sakuma Bros. Market Stand, and picked up half a flat of "the world's sweetest strawberries" and made jam today. Good, but not as good as that pie!
How are you getting your pie on this summer?


No Sluggo Dave said...

Oh yes! What a GREAT photo.

We've been so dry in the mid-south this summer that we've lost ALL of the peaches and blueberries. I grabbed some blueberries at the South Main Farmers Market last Saturday that the vendor picked at a friend's backyard in Alabama the day before. Good stuff.

I've been making small pies - tarts, I guess, but with pie crust - in those small springform pans. They're small enough that two people can split one as a dessert.

Sometimes I shake the blueberries around in some Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa before they go in the pie. Oh yes, oh yes.

Carole H said...

Dry and HOT in the Mid South! Leslie, do you believe it's supposed to be 106 today?! I read that tomato & other plants are drying up early from the heat & no rain. My friend in AL reports they have had more rain, so it's good to have access to produce from there. No Sluggo, have you been to the new farmers markat at the Botanic Gardens yet? That one sounds like it would be more to my liking - Weds. from 2 to 7 PM :-)

No Sluggo Dave said...

I haven't been to that one, Carole - the S. Main one is right around the corner from where I'm living for the next few months. It has been terrific to wander over there on Saturday morning and make a frittata from whatever is available. As usual, though, I ALWAYS buy too much...

Whining and Dining said...

Oh, dark cocoa, what a freaking brilliant idea.

There are so many places along the roads here in Seattle, where you can just stop and pick blackberries. They're coming on right now!