Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bacon makes everything better

Yesterday was a terrible day! Just awful. The kind of bumps and lumps and deadline drama you want to put behind you as quickly as possible.

So, I went in for a little bacon therapy. Oh, I didn't intend to make a pig of myself, but couldn't help swooning over some swine in an unlikely spot: my Manhattan.

Moxie is doing the New Urban Drinks deal -- two small plates, one drink, $15. Last day to play is Sept. 30, and it's not offered on weekends.

Anyway, the place was slammed with the pre-theater crowd and it was obviously understaffed. It took at least 10 minutes for the bartender to take our order. (Heavy sigh. I'm going to say stay away from this promotion, the restaurants I've been to definitely don't seem committed to it, staffing wise.)

However, I loved the update on this classic cocktail, embellished with a bacon lollipop, thread on a skewer and cooked crisp, the bacon was then laquered in sticky sweetness. I know it sounds kinda ridick, but it was really original.

The small plates were a little lackluster and took forever to get out. If the idea of this promotion is to tempt potential diners to return, you'd think the kitchen would put a little more effort into it. There's still time, though. Is there any New Urban Drink destination that's a must? Maybe Licorous?


neil_aird said...

Cocktails and bacon. Now that is a new twist. Course here, in Memphis, the cocktail would be the ornament and the bacon would be the primary reason for the whole thing.

Whining and Dining said...

Neil, I just got the new Bacon cookbook... can't wait to try it!
I'll report soon...

I'm missing the King Cotton!!

Kristie said...

Mmm. You're right. Bacon makes everything better.

I'm still dismayed that so many salad bars have fake bacon bits. It's NOTHING like bacon!