Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ooh, la la: brunch at Cafe Presse

Met some friends at this south Capitol Hill spot, just ahead of the rush hour. Very happy with the croque Madame, the classic ham and cheese sandwich all bubbling hot and a fried egg on top.

Our table shared an order of excellent pomme frites and pain au chocolat. Everything was great, except -- and this is a big except -- they kept running out of coffee. Even the server acknowledged: "We're having a bit of a coffee crisis." Hmmm. No coffee on a Sunday morning. Major bummer.

If only Stumptown Roasters were open next door, like they said they would be, last Monday. Those Portland, Ore., bean counters should be perking right along soon. I'm still shopping around for my favorite baristas in town. Any hot spots I absolutely shouldn't miss?

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josh said...

stumptown opened yesterday