Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Whine: The cranky wine guy at DeLaurenti

I was wandering the wine department at my favorite deli in Seattle, and while getting my purchases rung up. I asked Mr. Wine Guy what was his favorite Washington red under $20.

I'm sure I can't say. There are 400 wineries in the state now, it would be impossible to pick just one, he said curtly.

He could have said: Well, what do you like, a merlot? A cab? Something from Walla Walla? He blew the chance to engage a curious customer. Totally shut down the conversation. Freaking snob. That's exactly what I cannot stand about the elitist wine set. (To be fair, the much younger guy who I talked with earlier was very friendly and helpful. I don't understand what you're doing in retail if you're not about doing some selling.)

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Wine Guy, there are now 500 wineries in Washington state. And my favorite red under $20 is the Chinook cab franc.


Mary said...

Who in the hell can keep up with all that cheap stuff anyway? Why don't you get a job and maybe you can afford a real bottle of vino!

No Sluggo Dave said...

Yeah! It's not wine until Mary says it is. You think Jesus would have made wine for less than twenty dollars a bottle?

Fred Deaton said...

Funny, I was in a educational training program at Appalachian State this summer, and I was in the Earth Faire Grocery Store. Now mind you Boone NC is a very small town. The guy not only told me the best wine of any type by type or location, but he pointed out all the organic wines. Harris Teeter, another store also oozed in information.

Peabody's Wine and Spirits let me sample wine to see what tasted like what.

I was trying to decide which organic syrah from New Zealand to buy. Then at Eric's Wine and Cheese, I Sampled about 7 wines before deciding which one to buy, and I also bought a Port wine cheese spread that I sampled.

The guy was a jerk, Leslie. He should be able to direct you toward something. 2 or 400, the guy should've had some analysis top guide you.

Even th e guy at the Wolfchase liquors next to Costco could give you an answer. Other than duh...gee...

Find a wine guy that will assist you!

Hey No Sluggo Dave, are you out of Memphis for good or just for a while?