Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Go to By's

Maybe I was just starving, but I thought the burgers and fries at this old school spot south of Starbucks headquarters on Fourth were awfully darn good.

I wrote about old-fashioned drive-ins in today's food section of the Seattle P-I, on the heels of news that a beloved institution -- Daly's -- is being forced out of its space by developers.

These deeply nostalgic spots cue some selective memories, like when you try going back, it's never the same. The place I so fondly remember was a quirky spot in Bellevue's Lake Hills shopping center called Speed's. Don't know why it was called that because they made a point of telling customers it was going to take at least 10 minutes to make their sandwich.

Is there a burger joint that still works that magic? In Seattle or beyond? Why can't there be more places that try and do it like In-n-Out? What's your typical order when you indulge?


Kristie said...

I haven't had a good old "burger and fries" for a while since I've been trying to eat a little healthier.

I admit, I love In-N-Out, but the one near me has no drive-thru. I wish I were joking. Apparently, between the McDonalds down the street that threw a fit when In-N-Out was going in and the neighbors who were worried about the noise and traffic, they built the drive-thru, but it's not functional.

There's a place on Highway 121 heading into Napa called "Babe's" and it advertises burgers, franks, and shakes. It's a hole in the wall... a total dive. Every time I drive by, I tell myself I'll stop one day. The problem is, normally when I'm going to Napa, it's to have dinner with the in-laws.

One day.

Whining and Dining said...

Of course while you're in the Valley, you've got to go to Taylors in St. Helena. It's the dreamy upscale version of In-and-Out. I know you know it. I would so love to be sitting in their garden right now eating an ahi tuna burger.

Kristie said...

Oh gods, Taylor's Refresher. The ahi burger IS awesome, but what I love the most are the milkshakes. Mmmm, those hand-dipped so-thick-you-can-barely-use-a-straw milkshakes. My husband's grandparents are grumpy over Taylor's going all yuppie - it used to be a normal run of the mill drive-in.

Did you know they also put a Taylor's Refresher in the San Francisco Ferry Building?

Also, a local favorite in St. Helena is Giuni's Deli. Walking in there is like stepping back in time, but the sandwiches are fresh and perfect made by people who actually give a damn. And if you ask for avocado? You get AVOCADO. None of this $2 for a slice of green like Suckway (Subway).

And in Napa, try the Red Hen Cantina. Their fajitas are fantastic, but that's not the best part... margaritas :)