Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here's a tease

.... to Friday's restaurant review. Maybe not the prettiest picture, but this was a spectacular meal, probably because it was such a surprise to find such sophisticated food at a casual neighborhood pub.

That duck confit salad was so delicious. The generous portion of poultry was super rich, succulent and under $12. The outstanding burgundy beef pot pie is based on a Julia Child recipe, the made-from-scratch sauce tasted as complex as the glass of Argentinean malbec I sipped with it.

Yes, that's PBR. Got a problem with that?

So, anybody care to guess where this haute low-brow fare is being served? No? Guess you'll have to pick up a P-I.

Today's dining column suggests a Diner's Bill of Rights. What do you say? When you go to a restaurant what do you expect from the waitstaff?


Kristie said...

I expect a refill on my iced tea. This is particularly important if I am eating spicy food.

Too many times now the server's walked by and ignored my empty glass.

kruk said...

I recognize that table top and those menu items! It's the Latona Pub with chef Jed. But shame on you for drinking a PBR there and skipping so many wonderful beers on tap.

Frank said...

They do awesome steamed clams and mussels there.

One of my favorites of all the places in Seattle that have them on the menu.