Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh waiter, there's a fly in my cocktail

Went to Qube last night for the "New Urban Drinks" (one cocktail, two small plates, $15) and the service was horrendous. I was willing to cut the busy bartender some slack, this was obviously a management decision not to properly staff. Our table had to constantly flag the guy down. Can we please order? Somebody didn't get their second plate. And then...
When I pointed out the dead fly, the bartender made a face like: Ewwww!
But he did nothing about it. He didn't come back and whisk it away with a bleach-y rag. Nor send anyone on bug patrol. HELL-OOOOOO! This is a classy place, right? What in the heck is going on?
I've had some shaky service in Seattle, but this is a new low. Send me your service horror stories. I'm working on a possible story. I'm also up for the other side of the story. I know it's a very difficult job and I tip generously when I find the (rare?) good server.


illwatenao said...

First of all, was the fly in the drink? It looks like its on the table! If that is so, push it off the table or take a beverage napkin and simply pick up and wash your hands.
If it was in your drink, wait patiently, give the bartender eye contact and get a new drink.
Its your elitist attitude and your feeling of entitlement that makes me think your not very nice.
I work at one of the best steakhouses in Seattle,(guess which one) and I see people like you all the time. Thinking you deserve something more than your paying for. Your talking about a $15 promotion at a second rate eatery at a crappy corner of Seattle, come on. What if that guy got fired, can you pay his bills?
Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Do you know what its like? I wonder if you've ever heard of the saying, those who cant do teach, or write about it.

Mujer Morena said...

I agree. Seriously, was it that big of a deal? In your entree or beverage, maybe, but on the edge of the table? You could have easily rectified that situation yourself. And after closely examinig your photo, it appeared to be just a mere fruit fly. Cut Qube some slack.

I work as a server, and I tell you, it's hard enough to deal with all of the high maintenance, self important guests, let alone the people who expect beond perfection. I'm so tired of hearing (and reading) knocks on the people who work (HARD) in the service industry, and I find it hard to beleieve that you rarely receive good service.

TroyJMorris said...

Seriously though. Are you so terribly dependent? Yes, you're there to eat and there are servers/waiters there to assist you. But you must draw the line somewhere. Does someone dress you? Shovel the food into your bloated carcass? Whip your ass?

Next time, take the quarter second and nearly no effort to flick the FRUIT FLY to the floor and move on with your life. Or stop ordering fruity drinks.

I love ranting, but there comes a time where you just look like a cry-baby. And that time, for you, is now.