Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hey Bub, you stink

Just had a very nice meal at a restaurant I'm reviewing, except some schlub is puffing away on a stogie. Yes, we're outside. But I believe the law is that you can't smoke within like 20 feet of the restaurant.

But there's the guy stinking up the place.

I usually hold my tongue. And my nose. Especially when I'm on the job. But I couldn't help myself. Cue hubby rolling his eyes and going: Uh-oh.

The server told the smoker to put it out, and the owner came over to our table to apologize. And give me a $20 gift certificate to come back another time. Now, that's the right way to handle a stinky situation.


Kristie said...

I commend the management for handling it properly. I also don't blame you for speaking up, because I would have too. I have no problem with people smoking, unless it's infringing on my right to enjoy my meal AND it's in violation of the ordinances. Good for you.

No Sluggo Dave said...

Oh boy, I got on the elevator in our building around eight Saturday morning to walk over to the farmer's market. It was chock-a-block with smoke and a guy standing there puffing on a stogie. That's pretty hardcore and did kinda throw me off me feed. Didn't buy a single thing.